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7x28 Rustic Listel Arrotato
7x28 Listel 15x30 Arrotato Rustico
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15x30 Arrotato Rustico 30x30 Arrotato Rustico Biondo 30x30 Arrotato Rustico trattato REF

The Arrotato Rustico surface represents the traditional paving in terracotta from Impruneta.
Grinded on the raw material, this tile, presents an uniform orange color, witness of the high quality of Galestro clay.
The wide range of the Arrotato Rustico line offers squares, rectangles, listels and special pieces like steps, corners and skirting which are suitable for modern  classic, and traditional environments.
The guarantee of frostproof and wear resistance in using this product suggest either an outdoor use.
Arrotato Rustico is avaible in two versions: the traditional one with a thickness of approx. 24 mm for laying with mortar/cement (on request in case of minimum quantity orders) and another, SottilRef, with a thickness of
approx. 12/14 mm for glueing.
The range is completed by a line of two types of handrails (square and round edged) with respective final pieces   and by a new“L”-shaped element, new model and round edges.
A reduced range of this program is available in already finished (waxed) version (Trattato REF).