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30x30 Stratos 30x30 Stratos 30x30 Stratos
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30x30 laid outside 30x30 Stratos 30x30 Stratos

(Shaded product) Grinded rustic surface, characterized by a coat of crystal-silica distributed on the tiles before firing. This operation confers on the product a protection that excludes the initial treatment. Regarding areas like kitchens or dining rooms, we recommend to apply a hydro-repellent agent in order to impermeabilize the tiles completely. Furthermore, when the paving is finished and cleaned, it is sufficient to pass with liquid wax if there should be any eventual opacity or small scratches.
Due to the shaded character of the product, it is absolutely recommended to mix approximately 8 packages of tiles before installing in order to obtain a surface with a homogeneously moved tonality.